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Tasty fish, safe to eat, and always easy to obtain

As the world’s population grows, demand for marine products continues to rise. But fishing on Earth’s oceans peaked around 1985, and aquaculture yield has also stagnated as the availability of suitable fish farming locations becomes tighter and ocean temperatures rise.

It is obvious that as the world’s population continues to climb, the supply of marine products from existing fish harvesting methods alone will not be enough. To help ensure an adequate global supply of tasty fish that is safe to eat and always easy to obtain, FRD Japan aims for the establishment of next-generation fish farming businesses using our own closed recirculating aquaculture system (Closed RAS).


Closed Recirculating Aquaculture System (Closed RAS)

A number of large scale land-based aquaculture projects are making efforts in different parts of the world, but none has yet been known to be profitable. One major difference between them and the development being promoted by FRD Japan is that FRD’s method uses no water from the sea or wells. Instead, its patented technology uses a highly advanced biological filtration system, making it possible to farm salmon and other fish species in a completely closed system where artificial seawater is recirculated. (The rate of daily water replacement is approx. 0.2%.) No water is drawn from the sea, and no well water is used, thereby offering the advantages listed below. These advantages are seen as prerequisites for the financial viability of land-based aquaculture.

【Advantages to not using water from the sea or well】

  1. Location is not a problem⇒ Locating fish farms close to consumer centers reduces transportation costs to a minimum.
  2. No risk of fish disease contamination from seawater⇒ Stable production without the use of antibiotics or vaccines
  3. No need to spend money on cooling seawater⇒ A large reduction in the cost of electricity, avoiding a hurdle faced by conventional land-based aquaculture


  • Yoichi Tsuji Image

    CEO : Yoichi Tsuji Scope : Plant designing, Construction management

  • Yoshikazu Koizumi Image

    CTO : Yoshikazu Koizumi Scope : Water treatment system designing、Operation control

  • Tetsuro Sogo Image

    COO : Tetsuro Sogo Scope : Project designing、Sales


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